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Dr. Brian Titus

“After attending the Simple Implant Placement course, I am prepared to confidently incorporate implant surgery into my practice. Dr. Gross in a way that is practical to a GP and what we see daily. His teaching method seemed to simplify the surgical process based on choosing the right cases to start with and the live surgery brought it all together. I look forward to taking additional courses in the future.”

Dr. Geoff Stefko

“Dr. Gross’s implant course was extremely informative and I now feel confident with placing implants in our office. Thank you!”

Dr. Robin Sutton

“Very knowledgeable a laid back classroom environment making it easy to speak -up and ask questions. Overall excellent course!”

Brian Morningstar, DDS

“The Single Implant Placement Course was done very well, great information and Dr. Gross kept the learning process of placing implants simple.”

Dr. Kevin Kreider

“Dr. Gross is very motivated instructor and has a great attitude. His casual approach to teaching and his ability to transmit his knowledge to the class very much appreciated.”

Dr. Jeff Rosenthal

“What a great course to teach the art of implant placement. A very down to earth presentation on learning the implant system and learning to plan and perform an implant surgery.”

Dr. Erick Jayjohn

“The Simple Implant Placement course was one of the best implant related continuing education courses I have attended. Dr. Gross is a great instructor.”

Dr. Ramya Jagannathan

“Dr. Gross did an excellent job tying in practical knowledge that he uses in his office daily with the teaching material.”

Whitney Roberts, CDA, EFDA

“Dr. Gross is very knowledgeable on the topic of implant dentistry, this is portrayed by his detailed approach to teaching the course.”

Dr. Mariam J. Lim

“The material in the Simple Implant Placement course was very well presented. Dr. Gross did an exceptional job teaching how to place implants, discussing avoidable mistakes that can cause failures, how to select cases, and plan for success.”

Dr. Matthew Kramer

“The instructor was very knowledgeable of the subject matter and presented the information clearly and in a way that was easy to understand. Being able to see a live implant procedure was very beneficial.”

David Francati, DDS

“Dr. Gross made the whole process of placing single site implants simple to learn and gave us enough confidence to go out and start placing on our own.”


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