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About Dental Implant Trainers

Jeffrey Gross, DDS, FAGD initially founded Dental Implant Trainers in Cleveland, Ohio to provide local dental implant training courses from a GP’s perspective. The Simple Implant Placement course, which is designed and taught by a general dentist, teaches essential surgical techniques, drilling protocol for any implant system, grafting and suturing techniques, hands-on implant placement on models, and ideal case selection, along with additional topics necessary to start placing implants. As Dental Implant Trainers grew, Dr. Gross saw a demand for additional dental implantology and related courses, along with in-office mentoring and visiting surgical doctor programs, all of which lead to increased production and patient satisfaction.

The In-office mentoring program gives doctors the opportunity to have one-on-one live dental implant training in their own office, performing surgery on their own patients. Our training doctor will work with you to choose the right cases, plan each case out with you, and come to your office to either provide over-the-shoulder guidance, or perform the surgery on your patient in an intimate teaching environment.

Some doctors may not want to learn how to place implants or perform various surgical procedures, but they also do not want inconvenience their patients by having to refer them to another doctor. This is why Dental Implant Trainers started offering the Visiting Surgical Doctor program. This unique service provides an alternative to having to refer your patients to another office for a specialized procedure, keeping your patients in an environment they are comfortable with. Our visiting surgical doctor will work around your schedule and come to your office to perform various procedures on your patients, under your billing. Both the in-office mentoring and the visiting surgical doctor programs are available to any dentist office in Ohio.

Contact us today for more information on one of our dental implant training courses, to schedule in-office live dental implant training, or to take advantage of the visiting surgical doctor program.


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