In-office Mentoring Program:

We understand the road to placing implants begins with both didactic and hands-on live placement. That’s why Dental Implant Trainers also offers a Mentoring Program where our training doctor visits practices to provide live dental implant training and guidance with doctors’ patients of record. This allows the doctor to perform surgery in their own office, adding an extra level of comfort and convenience, while becoming more proficient at placing implants.

Mentoring is not limited to just implant surgery, we visit offices to provide guidance during many procedures, further enhancing skill. The Mentoring Program also includes guidance for assistants and front office staff, because implant surgery is a team effort and we want to make sure everyone in the office understands how to work together and achieve the same goal.

Contact us to learn more about our In-office Mentoring program or to schedule a doctor to come to your office.

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