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Can I really learn how to place implants by attending the Simple Implant Placement course?

Yes, you can! As with any new procedure, you will want to select your cases carefully, which is covered in detail during the course. Selecting the right cases allows you to concentrate on your newly acquired skills and helps build confidence. After training, we are there to guide you and can assist in selection and planning, so you can confidently start integrating procedure into your office right away

What implant systems do you teach?

The Simple Implant course focuses more on learning the surgical aspect of placing implants and teaching the skills necessary to start placing with confidence. We can teach the drilling sequence of any implant system and break the system down into simple components, educating you on the best way to treat the patient and perform the surgery.

Do you offer any kind of support after I take the courses?

We pride ourselves on being available to you via phone, email, video conferencing or whatever means you prefer. You can also take advantage of our In-office Mentoring program by scheduling our training doctor to come to your office during your first few surgeries and assist you during the surgery, or step in and help perform the surgery if needed.

Are there additional courses after your initial implant course?

Yes, once you have taken the Simple Implant course, we offer multiple advanced courses that will teach a wide variety of new skills, helping to broaden your knowledge and take your expertise to the next level.

What if I haven’t purchased an implant system yet, can I still take the course?

Of course, we will be there to help guide you down the path that makes the most sense for you when choosing an implant system. We work with many different manufacturers and dealers and can to help you in this endeavor.

Should I bring my implant system to the Simple Implant course?

We encourage you to do this to help improve how you work with your system and possibly expand upon its use, so you can get the most out of your implant system.

Do I get to place implants during the Simple Implant course?

There will be a live surgery the day the course that all of the participants get to observe. The live surgery is a true teaching surgical environment and you a chance to get up close, observe and ask any questions that may come up during the procedure. We understand there is no better way to learn than to do it yourself, so post training, we encourage doctors take advantage of our In-Office Mentoring program and schedule a few implant cases with their own patients, in the comfort of their own offices.

Can I bring my office staff to the courses?

Assistants and office staff are welcome to attend the course. The journey to placing implants is a team effort, we discuss topics that will help your office staff discuss the procedure and pricing with patients making them feel more comfortable. During the live surgery portion of the course, we advise Assistants on how they can help the implant surgery flow efficiently.

What is the Visiting Surgical Doctor program?

We understand that there are procedures that doctors do not want to learn, or just do not like performing, but they also don’t want to continue to refer their patients out to another doctor. This is why we offer the Visiting Surgical Doctor program, where you can schedule our training doctor to complete procedures in your office under your billing, providing an alternative to referring patients out the door

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